Blender animation stuff

Hi I create simply animation with girl ( she say some worlds, etc.)
At first blinking :eek:
Xvid MPEG 4 codec


Ahhhh! She’s purdy! Can’t wait to see what she does next!

I love the model and texturing work. I think the blinking is too fast. In real life we have to to it to lubricate our eyes but you character doesn’t have that problem; therefore, you could use the blinking towards an emotion your trying to show. Of course no blinking would look unnatural. Great work so far. What kind of hair style you plan on giving her?

Nice model, It looks like the lower lid is not moving up ?

What kind of hair style you plan on giving her?

I plan to give her short hair

Here’s 360’ head

** deleted**

360’ hand view

Sweet model and texuring.
the timing of the blinking ain’t right yet. The problem with such a reallistic charakter is that unreallistic and static movement don’t fit in and emediatly stand out.

better skin right now

I create simply mesh-hairs for animation

The skin shader is better but I think the hair is too saturated in color now. It doesn’t match well with the colors of the face and ruins the believability of it.

the hair is just not working for me…

I have to say the hair looks like its up to high…like Wilma Flintstone.

I agree hairs looks horrible so I must work on new maybe blender particles will be better

and here’s a much better skin

soon I upload a video

wow…the skin looks really realistic,great job!!..try adding the new Blender hair particles for more realism.

hair test

a blink takes 1/3 of a second, or 10 frames at 30fps. 4 down, 6 up.

Thanks PapaSmurf I don’t know about that

long hair test (material) and eyes on second pic

Wow, looking good! Solid proportions and sense of anatomy on the face, and the speculars on the hair and skin are really nice.

(Animating at 30fps sounds so weird to me!)

thx bunny

still I’m looking for the best static haircut and here’s another test

another haircut test, next I will try do some videos with expression of feelings

I hope you like it