Blender Animation Toolkit Question

Just wondering if anyone has either a positive or negitive view of the DVD series. I’m giving some thought to purchasing it and was wondering if it was worth the cash or if there was perhaps a better option.

If you already have a basic understanding of animation, then you shouldn’t need the Animation Fundamentals series, but if you don’t then I would recommend getting both of the Animation Series’. Although I’ve had both for a while now, I’m only part way through the Animation Toolkit so far. But the content has been easy to follow and very detailed. It also was made with the newer versions of Blender and comes with the Flex-Rig which lets you get started right away. I’d highly recommend it.
P.S.: Another thing is that the new info from this will come in handy when I go to animate the creature I make with the Creature Series.

This DVD/download is very much worth its cost, imo. Keep in mind that it is only about animation, not modeling nor rigging. They do explain how to use the Flex Rig for character design, so one can get right down to business learning the basics of character animation in Blender. The scenes are well planned and not just “tech demos” like I’ve seen wth some other tutorials.

I give it two thumbs up. Lots of good tips and workflow ideas. It is nice to see an animation from start to finish. (less the modeling and rigging)

I’ve watched both all the way through, but I’m still working up to actually studying them.

With that said, I found I had to watch some of the clips at least twice to catch on to the concepts, but that’s likely me, not Beorn and Nathan.

I’m finding my way around the Graph Editor and Dopesheet more easily since watching them. If ever I get to studying the NLA videos, I anticipate the same result. I did watch the NLA videos (don’t remember off the top of my head which package they/it are/is in) and played with it a bit and it seemed far less intimidating. I believe this particular part of Blender is conceived from a rather unusual point of view, though, so it’s going to take some getting-used-to no matter what. I liken it to trying to grab those teeny-tiny handles in Maya’s Graph Editor for adjusting curves. You really have to hold your mouth right to do it.

Overall, though, for the paltry sum they’re asking, I’d say go for it. Even if all you do is breeze through them once, something will stick and that’s gotta be worth the money.

I certainly enjoyed it :slight_smile:
To be honnest, i’m not nearly as good with blender as most people on this forum, but i felt i had a very good understanding of animation in terms of keyframes. In the DVD there are many tips on how to use the timeline, dopesheet, and graph editor to really fine tune the animations and get exactly what you are looking for. You get to Johnathan’s and Bejorne’s(?) workflow from storyboard to the actual animation.
I learned alot of things about how people act such as how to know when people blink. They said that people blink when they finnish a thought, or their eyes move in the direction of where they are about to move, or that eyes sometimes change where they are looking during a blink. I mean… i don’t know if that’s common knowledge, but i had never known some of those things before! and i feel like it’s helped me in my animations. There’s alot of good stuff in there and i think everyone can benefit from it :slight_smile:

If you’re not experienced with animating in Blender, definitely check out Beorn’s Animation Fundamentals first.

If you have already seen Animation Fundamentals or know your way around Blender’s animation toolset, definitely check this out - it covers two separate animation workflows (Beorn’s shifted keys workflow and Cessen’s spline-based workflow) in detail and is absolutely worth the $48 asking price.

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