blender animation useful for the internet ?


I have a question about using a simpel text animation I made for a friends website.
The animation is an .avi format.

Is it possible to use this animation on a website ? I’ve read on the blender site their is no longer a plug-in available ? Does this mean that blender is not useful for animated web-design ? Is their a solution for this problem ?


Hello Jocco!

Unfortunately, it seems the web plugin for blender has not been maintained for a while and, although it is still usable and works very nicely, it is not a common plugin on computers, which might be a problem for some website.

However, there is another web solution for blender animation, and it requires nothing but javascript plugins, which is usually installed on most computers with a decent browser.

Take a look at this link :
This is a great script by thoro.

You can find the related thread here :

hope this helps!



you misunderstand

the blender plugin was to allow the game engine to run inside of a web browser. I’d advise you to forget it exists.

a rendered avi can be encoded to wmv or whatever you like for putting on a website. you wouldn’t want to take the avi codec option in blender, but rather render to a sequence of images [say .tga or .png files] or avi raw. Then use a program like virtualdub to encode your animation and put it in a [much smaller file size] video file.

however, by mentioning “simpel text animation” it kind of seems like the solution might be to have used flash instead of blender.

If it is 3D you’re talking about, export it to a scene of jpg’s.
Import the jpg’s into Flash, it automatically detects the other images and imports it to the timeline.
Create a swf (flash web format) but don’t make it any bigger then around 100k unless you’re creating a Flashbased website.
If you use PNG you can export it with transparency too, very convenient.
Embedded avi in a website is inappropriate, I don’t think some browsers allow it.
They all accept Flash though.

If it’s only 2D you need, you can use something like Swish.
It automatically exports to SWF and you can do some cool stuff with that.

There’s also something called SFlender. A Blender export to SWF.
It makes vectors of your 3D environment.
Don’t expect anything fancy. It has large filesizes if your anim is too big.
It usually has poor quality.

Hey guys,

thanks for the anwsers !!!

so I don’t have to worry that blender animations can’t be used voor webdesign, that’s great.

does this mean that when you can animate in blender, you’re good or are there other programs you need to learn to use for this case ?

however, by mentioning “simpel text animation” it kind of seems like the solution might be to have used flash instead of blender.

for now it is, but they’ll get more complicated 8) :wink:

thanks again !


does any of you know wire fusion ?