Blender Animation - Wake Up, Speaker Robo!

Hi all!
I’m a 3D animator that spends whatever small amounts I have on Blender, working on Animations and models. The following link shows my first CGI animation ever (made around a year ago but published online a week ago), by all means help yourself,

I’m making another CGI animation as we speak, and I’m really aspiring to watch all your independent animations and the like.
I’d love more than anything to find people who are passionate about discussing storyboard ideas, as well as screenplay scripts; just people who are as passionate as I am about discussing the animation process.
If you’re reading this, do not hesitate to show me ANY short animation you’ve made. Heck, let’s talk about your upcoming stories together and help build up something stronger, I promise I’ll give novels of feedback on every turn.
If you enjoyed the video, please, leave feedback, as well as a link to your own youtube channel or videos.
I look forward to hearing from you,
I’ve posted a variation of this forum on AWN - the biggest Animation boards there are online, but to my dismay that website is completely dead. Regardless, thank you for reading!