Blender animation

Hi everyone, just wondering if it is possible to import some kind of animation into blender with joints, skins weights etc. Maybe some kind of .fbx import script? I am trying to make a fairytale game using the blender game engine, but want to animate everything through Autodesk motionbuilder.


Try Collada

What are the major features of this format?

The COLLADA schema defines the XML elements and attributes that enable COLLADA to represent many features using these XML building blocks. The COLLADA 1.4.x feature set includes:

  • Mesh geometry

  • Transform hierarchy (rotation, translation, shear, scale, matrix)

  • Effects

  • Shaders (Cg, GLSL, GLES)

  • Materials

  • Textures

  • Lights

  • Cameras

  • Skinning

  • Animation

  • Physics (rigid bodies, constraints, rag dolls, collision, volumes)

  • Instantiation

  • Techniques

  • Multirepresentations

  • Assets

  • User data
    COLLADA 1.5.x adds:

  • Kinematics

  • Boundary representations (B-reps)

  • Geographic coverage

  • Custom image initialization

  • Math formulas

  • GLES2 shaders

I’m sorry, when I tried exporting as .dae and tried importing that into blender, there was an error and the consol said:

Current collada support is lacking many features, but there is SOC application this year to improve the situation - so, hopefully,
you would be able to do that.

I’m guessing by the way you said that, that the application isn’t out yet…

I have been watching the Collada development for some time and they have been putting massive amounts of work in to it. You may want to try a current build from The upshot is they are constantly improving it and working toward solving your problems, so don’t give up hope. You can get involved and submit bugs if you have time… hint hint.

somehow forgot

mixamo has a collada plugin specially for collada animations, but it is for 2.49

maybe temporarily it is possible to import to 2.49 then open the model in 2.57?