Blender animations not working properly in unity3d

It is my first full length game and im using blender for the first time so please answer in brief.

I made an animation using 4 objects, one hand, two curved plates and one gun. I rigged them and animated them in blender and everything looked fine there, but when i imported it in unity, the placements of the objects was not the same.
Though the animations were working fine (but not at the right place).

I’m attaching 2 images (side view) , one the i see in unity and one that i se in blender.

Please help me with this!
Thanks in advance;


Providing the actual .blend file might help.

U must reset (scale, pos, rot) every mesh before U start skinning or exporting!!! Its not blender fault. Its world rules!

Thnx for the response.
But i fixed it. I detached the bones from those parts which were dislocated and just parented them to the hand.

Well i did that as well, but i wanted the animations to work according to the hands so i didnt do that (though it was working).