Blender Anime 3D Series: Virin: Monster Planet (Previously: King of the Titans)

Since I’ll be getting a new computer soon, I might as well have a topic about the progress of my first anime series that’ll be shown on YouTube, made in Blender 3D for anything CGI.

Introducing the plot:

It was the 21st century, a time where giant monsters roam the planet, one of them walks amongst them as King of the Titans. This monster, a Kaiju, is codenamed “Virin”, like the legendary Japanese dragon from their folklore, by the U.S Army.

After emerging from the ocean in the year 1954, Virin hasn’t been sighted since then before the current year of 2019.

Development of the anime series:

Episode 1:
Story: 0%
Modeling: 0%
Environments: 0%
Cast actors: 0%
Create or Borrow sound: 0%

If you guys have anything to say about the series, don’t hesitate to ask questions. I’ll happily answer them all at a time.

I’ve almost started to work on the story of the first season of my project. Expect a long story and plot for this series.

I’ve gotten the plot ready for the drama series. Now I just wait for the computer to arrive by next Monday, while after summer, I’ll be looking for live actors in my hometown.

Yes, there’ll be live action footage with humans in front of a green screen to film the required scenes for the human team I have for the series and the military. I just need to find the required building to film the human scenes with the green screen.

A small update for you guys.

I’ll be putting this series on hiatus for a while before I resume its production in Blender.

The reason is, I’m planning out a film franchise that will also be called “Virin” for the big screen instead of the small screen.

I hope you guys are understandable for the slight switch of production. I’ll still be using Blender, but only for smoke simulator and particle simulator as well as special effects for the films.

Actors in the iconic rubber suits will be portraying the monsters in the film series along with human co-stars, just like in the Godzilla franchise if some of you remember that one.

Just an update on my productive decisions. I hope it’s no big deal with all of you, my friends.