Blender anime character?

i need tutorial for blender character boy, example: , i accept references Models and turorials.


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Start with looking up one of the many character modeling tutorials, and following it, about half of what you need is in those.

I don’t know if it’s a citizen tutorial or not but there’s a modeling course on a chibi character on CGCookie that really helped me create one of my characters (you don’t have to make yours a chibi with it though, it’s full of good info) . i went for an anime feel but i’m not sure how well i did at that. The absolute hardest part will be the hair, just throwing that out there.

Some people i hear use texture drivers for facial expressions rather than physical mesh eyes and what not but those are a little complex. i think there’s a youtube user named… blackcatsandy? that has a really great anime character made in blender with texture drivers and really good hair. Although she doesn’t answer questions very much so she’s mostly just an example of what can be accomplished :wink:

When it comes to clothes i’ve learned that having a good hand in texturing will be helpful. I don’t know if you have heard of RWBY (a 3D animated anime made by Rooster Teeth) but you can definitely see the power of texturing in their show. The characters i’ve made are colored by materials sadly :c i’m not very good at texturing.

Who is that character by the way? :wink:

check those videos the process is in metasequoia but you can use this technique in blender
part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

or check his channel here :