Blender Anime Progress


I always wanted to make an anime, but when I tried to make this short scene, I realized that what I wanted to do was just write a story. :smiley: Because this is very very hard…

Really impressive. I like the result and the animation as well. Though I would spend lots of time to get the face expression better to make the character more immersed into the dialogue.

However not saying that your work is bad, because 2D-to-3D is a problem that not even triple A studios for about 20 years or so can’t solve yet. It’s really hard. If you have watched the subject on youtube there is an entire library of things to be said.

I have spend myself as well lots of time trying to figure out techniques that will allow me to get the perfect 2D style but all pass through from 3D pipeline. Only one thing I haven’t tried yet is an entirely 2.5D pipeline. I would be interested to have a look at it later on.

Thank you. Actually, I started to learn the blender and this sector because I was very impressed by the “Miyazaki Movies” that you watched as a child. Because I wanted to convey my feelings to people. But as time went by, I forgot my purpose, I am working on it for now, but because of other things, I am very busy and what time I manage to make a small movie, I have no idea. I’m just doing small experiments.

A few days ago. I was not satisfied with the hair. So I did some testing and I thought the physics engine was better instead of armature, here is a small example.

Indeed I have watched various Ghibly movies and they are really powerful with a very distinct style and feel.

More or less I am in the same boat, having about 10 ideas for movies (mostly sci fi themes) that one interferes with each other and can’t figure out how to roll with one or how to put things in order. Not to mention that I have studied a few books on the subject and I got no points at all other than technical stuff (character motivations / challenges / plot arcs etc).

Yesterday by chance, I was talking about the same subject with a friend, about the best possible technique for making some kind of a story. I concluded that only with dumb and brute force technique things might actually work. Each day you write down what happens within 1 minute of storytime, by 120 days you might have completed 120 minutes of storytime. You might end up with some draft that can be easily cleaned up and polished, it won’t be pretty but at least is something that can be improved.

Are you doing this in 3D or 2D, or do you have a sample of frames, I would love to see your style … Maybe just manga? :smiley:

This is some previous test I created from a few months ago. This was done in Blender 2.7 and I might have stuck to the old tools. Now with the capabilities of Blender 2.8 things might be even more interesting to look at and I can transition these findings to it. As for example grease pencil painting+masking is interesting, also exporting shapes as masks with Cryptomatte and roll over to some post processing software for much better control.

At the time I went with these ideas because it seemed right, but still searching ways to optimize it better.

  • In the beginning I can show a pilot mesh (100% wireframe - no faces) modeled and rigged, in order to get camera angles and shots correctly. Also this will help get the burden and bulk of animation prototyping.

  • For coloring I see in various youtube videos where they use Retas or animated shapes in After Effects. In Blender one possible way is to use curve shapes, or perhaps masks and coloring is done in compositor.

  • Next will be outlines and coloring. Outlines might be recreated again with proper manual line art to get the correct 2D look. However not all lines need special attention. 80% of the model can be 3D and only a few details overlayed on top manually.

  • At the last step I can show that any other additional details or touch ups are applied with grease pencil as well.

  • As well for the hair I went with 100% grease pencil because it’s way faster to put in place and draw correctly. However at other times if the shot is not so important a standard mesh can be used instead.

  • One important consideration is that all shapes are rendered in plain pixels, no antialias at all, because later on frames can be masked easily. When everything is finally rendered antialias can be applied once and for all.

Also most importantly I have to put this entire idea into works, and create side by side comparison in order to find tune much more details.

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Thanks… I hope you make progress in your project … I would love to see your final version.

I will keep an eye in your progress as well because I might get some ideas as well. :slight_smile:

Progress #3

Better skin contours.
I gave Plane thickness and softening, than I used a transparent mask with Fresnel. So the lines I created myself did not break the outline of the character.

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So cool :blue_heart:
So did you animate everything on 3s or something like like that? Just curious.

Everything is 3D and this is Raw render.
I hope this is the answer to the question … Sorry bad English.

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This is probably the best 3d anime hair i’ve seen yet

Slowly, it is developing … :pizza:
I am thinking of making a simple walk cycle or other animation.
In this way, I will have done the physique of the clothes. Then I will go back to the start and explore what I need to do to speed up the workflow.
Probably at this stage, I will make a plan and proceed step by step.
I have a script for the final animation, but just a only dream :sweat_smile:

Thx dude… I’m still working on it :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it was probably at this last stage. :pizza:
But there are errors that need to be taken care of. Maybe later…
For orthographic rendering, I need to retouch the light and shader. Maybe the problem may be Eevee.

But I don’t think the result is bad, I have an almost fully automated system. Now I can make my own anime. :sweat_smile: But i need so much time.


If you want to experiment with “limited animation” and see the difference. For more information look “guilty gear’s” techniques in youtube. :slight_smile:

thanks for tip. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m trying to draw anime style, and desperate case :slight_smile: Why this head look like bad ? I try use others drawed heads, but don’t worked.
Could there be a problem with my 3D reference ? I am still learning to draw. :upside_down_face: