Blender AO / AAO with HDRI images


was anybody successful with suing HDRI light probe images with
Blenders internal AO or the AAO ?

I get either black (AAO) or very noise (AAO) results.

I used various HDRI images.

Here is a reference image I was looking at the blender wiki page

any tip very much appreciated


Hmm, I have seen that before too and experimented and got this (samples 13, adaptive qmc, and rendered in 5 minutes, 28 seconds using the St. Peter’s Basilica probe. Also, I set the probe to angmap and AO to “Use Sky Texture”). I don’t really know how people don’t get so much noise in their images…
I do know Matt Ebb was working on image-based lighting (from a neat Stanford paper) back in December along with some other stuff.


I get the same results.

Somebody told me to blurr the hdri image in photoshop

but this did not really do anything different to me.

Makes me feel like I am missing something in particular.