Blender api vertex data

To say i don’t get the api yet would be and understatment, trying to grab a copy of an objects verts, so they can be manipulated and sent back to the object. I figured out how to transform.Translate() but how do you select a vert progammaticaly. Any help would be greatly appricated.

As an aside, is any one working on a book on scripting in blender 2.5+ with the new api. That is what i would like, i have a feeling the new api will make a lot of lowlevel data manipulation much more powerful if i can just figure out how to get the data.


i write my blender python experiences and resulting scripts here :
plenty of mesh / vert / face / from_pydata examples…

That was quick, thanks, checking out all the links now, and the pdf’s.

Now how do you access the noise generator, now.
It used to look like this in 2.49:

from blender import utilities

utilities.noise(TYPE, OCTAVE, ETC.)

now hows it done?