blender app crashing on my rig

Greetings ElYsiun!!

Long time listner, first time caller ;]

I am currently running a pentium 4, XP system with 3 monitors.

I had been using blender 2.37 without problem, until my boss bought me a brand new Samsung 214T fricken rad flat panel. Tho I had been using an ATI PCI video card (Radeon 7500) without issue on the elder CRT, the new monitor would not function correctly without driver updates. The driver update, however, seems to interact badly with blender (Catalyst v. 8.191.0).

If the monitor is enabled, blender will simply crash on load. I can disable the monitor (and Blender runs fine) - but thats an unacceptable fix. I can reenable the monitor once blender has started, interestingly, and run blender fine (tho some functions will crash it - like rendering). Oddly, I run an ATI 9800 pro at home, without issue.

Anyone else have issues with ATI cards, or the Catalyst drivers?
I could potentially switch the card to an Nvidia solution - but would rather not.

thanks in advance



Have you read all the ATI related threads? Once you’ve reset your Color Depth, Hardware Acceleration and turned off AA if your card supports it and you still have a problem then it’s basically a matter of finding a driver (maybe older) that works with Blenders flavor of OGL or getting another (NVida?) card. Just in the last week someone posted a thread about how he used an NVida driver, renamed it atiXXX.dll and solved a longstanding problem for at least 5 people.


thanks much for the reply!

several good options to look into. I’ll let you know what happens tomorrow when im back at work

cheers dude

Back at work, first thing i tried -

renamed the Nvidia OGL driver and dropped it in the blender folder - - - -

as explained by Xenobius here =

and it worked perfectly!

Thanks so much for the help!!