Blender Application Templates and Workspaces

Application templates are powerful tweaks on Blender´s interface. Following the video tutorial series, I decided to release this video explaining how to use Application Templates.
To install simply go to FILE>Application Templates>Install from file. Point to the file in the video. Once it´s installed, you can access it by going to your splash screen.
Here´s the video:

Best regards.

What you’re showing and saying doesn’t match.

There’s no workspace dropdown and there’s no add button in it. What you’re pointing at is screen layouts, as the tooltip says.
You’re not showing an example of setting up and getting the templates in the user/system folder, just showing the absolute path for Windows.

The music serves no other purpose than to make it harder to listen what you’re saying. And a bad choice of song as well. Gives the overall impression that you’re not there to teach, just show what you’ve done, just like the timelapses that kind of music is often added.