Blender Appreciation Poster


I’ve been fiddling around with this Blender Appreciation Poster idea.

Basically it’s a call for people to participate in the making of the poster, by modelling a sculpture in Blender in 1 hour. It then gets added to the poster.

Aim is to get 100 or even more people to participate to the poster. Let’s see what will happen.

The theme of the sculpture: “What Blender means to you?”

The ultimate point of the poster is to gently encourage people to donate for Blender development. (Often it’s not even about the money, but the effort to fill in the details). But it’s just an encouragement, not a requirement, of course.

Gleb Alexandrov was enthusiastic enough to kick this project going with his wife. I should also sculpt my entry soonish. I’ve also invited many Blender legends to participate like Kent Trammell, Andrew Price, Aidy Burrows, Zacharias Reinhardt and Jonathan Williamson, among others.

More info here:

I hope this would get some traction in order to produce a nice poster for people to look at for a long time, searching for details :slight_smile:


Manu Järvinen