Blender Appreciation Rockets

Hello Blender community!

I hope this message is in the right place.

For a long time I have been fiddling with this idea of Blender Community making a large combined effort just for the Appreciation for Blender’s development. I wished we could create a poster of sculpts made by different Blender artists.

I tried that, but eventually it died off pretty quickly. However, I really love what all the people came up with :slight_smile:

Long story short, I would like to try again, now with…

Blender Appreciation Rockets.

The idea is very simple this time, just make a rocket and send it to the given address and I’ll immediately add it to the page.

Any kinds of rockets are welcome. Especially people who have never used Blender before should participate. Your participation would be well appreciated!

This could escalate into something really fun, I think :slight_smile: This time I want to be quick in adding the latest images to the site immediately, at least in the same day they’re sent. I’ll keep my laptop close by.

Here’s the website:

(This project is also very easy to maintain for me, it’s just a PHP-webpage - I just drop the file to FTP and it shows up automatically in the page.)

Oh, and Gleb Alexandrov was a huge help for me to get to this point. Thank you :slight_smile:

Manu Järvinen