Blender Appunti Liberi - Blender Free Notes

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english version s/d

Basato sulle note realizzate da Manuel Bastioni,
Blender Appunti Liberi e’ un progetto per la creazione e la raccolta
di documentazione(FDL) in italiano

E’ possibile scaricare la prima versione in bozza formato HTML
tutte le informazioni su Kino3d forum

l’indirizzo diretto a Blender Appunti Liberi

Blender Appunti Liberi



/me sorry for my poor english

Based on the notes of Manuel Bastioni,
Blender Free Notes is a project to collect and create free
documentation (FDL) in italian.
from now it’s possible to download the first preview in HTML version
you can read more info about Blender Free Notes (italian only 4 now)
here Kino3d forum
link to the on-line version
Blender Appunti Liberi

any comment or suggestions are appreciate, english user post here :wink:



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over 80 visit!!! an no comments? :frowning:

S68 is writing for us the Radiosity chapter 8)

Most of the Blender 2.23 feature are described

if you want your tutorial translated in italian please write

it’s completely free :slight_smile:

sob :x



(JarellSmith) #3

Well, it looks very well organized and very extensive information. I don’t speak Italian and Systran doesn’t seem to translate your pages very well to English, so I can’t really comment on the content.

However, I’m sure it will be a great resource for the Italian Blender community.

I guess asking to translate it to English would be too much work, plus we are quite spoiled already with all the English tutorial versions and resources out there on the net. :slight_smile:

(viktorivar) #4

great work

Jarell Smit, have you try this?


(kino) #5

Hi :slight_smile:

thank’s to take the time to visit
google translate work well too(sometimes), this is italian only
no intention to compete with english writers :wink:

hope this is useful for new italian user




(JarellSmith) #6

Thanks viktorivar; babelfish seems to handle the the page formatting alot better + allows you to keep going in viewing the pages without having to keep inserting an url manually, thanks.

Looking good Kino, + I just wanted to say thanks for your rusty knife, alignment tool kit, and olias python scripts - I use them quite a bit…

Jarell Smith