Blender architectural rendering / animator needed

I have a need for someone to work 20-30 hours a week on various drafting projects. My company produces drawing sets for interior (and a few exterior) projects. Although our work is varied, we mainly work in kitchens, baths, libraries, home bars, etc.

Ideallly, someone should be capable of producing near photo-realism renderings and walk-thru animations with Blender. I currently use Vray/Sketchup, but need to expand to offer simple animation services as well (doors opening / drawers closing, etc). Experience in architecture, woodworking, or the interior design industry would also be a must.

I would also like to offer architectural drawing sets and exterior 3Ds as well.

Hey there, you should have a private message from me.


Would you post any references to what you expect?

I 'm very interested on it.
Following my site and my portfolio on Behance:


I’ve sent you a private message.

I’ve sent you a PM.

Please take a look at my portfolio :


I am very good at this type of modeling and animation! Here is a link to my portfolio and Gallery:

Thank you, Tim H.