Blender ARM

I have a idea…
here are very cheap china processors available (chipset RK3066)

For example search Rikomagic MK802iii (i bought it for 58$)
It have 2 cores up to 1,6 ghz, 4 gpu cores, 1GB RAM, 8 GB SD
i plug this on my TV (it run with android) and is really fast…

And good news: you can install ARM compilied ubuntu on it!

So i need only ARM compilied Blender-Version.
Any idea where can i get it?

Imagine, you have 16 such “sticks” (32 cores) for really cheap price and start network rendering

PS: this chipset is like Raspberry Pi, but much faster, and with more RAM

And the best: in some months new devices come with 4 cores up to 1.8 ghz!!!
16x4 = 64 cores!!!

You can try to compile it yourself but there are 2 problems:

  1. OIIO library does not support arm and is written partialy by assembly, so unless you want to rewrite it, then no cycles…
  2. the ARM devices use Open GL ES, which is not compatible with normal OpenGL… There are some fake GLs in blender repo, which may give working CPU renderers, and there are also some tries to port the engine to android (which seemed to have some good results), but I do not know about anything finished/usable so far…