Blender Art Festival Movie Download

I know that this is asking a lot, but the only broadband connection is through the university, which has some kind of protection that I haven’t been able to get around. This means that I can not use torrents here. Could someone post the file? If not, could someone in the states mail me a copy on dvd or cd? I’ll pay for the disc and shipping.

The DVD iso or the AVI file? You can have someone DCC you the file on IRC if you grab an IRC client and join #blenderchat on

Maybe I’ll take some time this weekend and cut an NTSC version from the ISO. I’ve been meaning to show the DVD to some friends, but PAL doesn’t play nice on their players.

That would be much appreciated because I don’t have a PAL TV either and I intended to show this DVD to my family on the home theater as soon as hmetalcowgirl’s computer gets here and we can burn a DVD.

They should make the DVD availible in the eshop as both PAL and NTSC.

That would r0x0r some serious b0x0r.

There would be copyright problems with that, wouldn’t there? What with the music in some of the animations, and pictures of things from Star Wars and whatnot.

You’re right. That’s too bad… :frowning:

Yeah, the university has blocked irc too. I totally forgot about NTSC/PAL compatability too. The avi should still play nice on computers right?

AVI works fine sure :slight_smile: Not sure about the DVD on DVD players though.


get your direct downloads here:

The dvd will be in the e-shop. search forum for details.

Thanks for the direct links scorpius!
I was searching for these, for the exact same reason as munkey_mike.
But: the AVI is screwed up. It crashes with any and all media players I tried it with. It seems that there is some problem with the audio stream. I can recode it with Virtualdub, but then the audio gets out of sync…
I’m wondering whether anyone else has a similar problem?

bz2 would get you a bit more milage :wink:

As i know, you can use somebody artwork into yours if it is not the principal object of your artwork. So i don’t think there is any copyright problems.

The only problem is the music. Copyright on music are much more restrictive than those on traditional artwork. (Even if you got the artist agreement, it is still not legal to use a music in a movie without paying royalties :S )
The only thing you can do if you want to avoid paying royalties on your music is making remixes.

This is for belgium ,but it must be similair in other countries.

Is the link broken or something, whenever I click it, I get a “connection timed out”?

if I remember correct…the music for the Blender Art festival video showcase…is some kind of “Open Source” music …not 100% sure though…

Common Creative License