Blender Art Festival

Are you aware (front page news duh!!)

The Blender Conference in Amsterdam… %|

anyone going for it? file sizes of up to 100mb… kewl… surely you can make/have made some epic shorts?! I know I’ve seen some in my time that could raise alot of thought… :-?


… :o

My HUGE animation will probably not be done by that point… but I’ll probably have a still or two that I can send. We shall see.

Same here Fweeb…although after much thought and persuasion I’m going to sumbit a heavily modified extract from my animation. It certainly won’t win anything (by its nature there’s almost no modelling, lighting, story telling…more of a music video than anything, but I haven’t seen anything remotely similar to it so I hope people will be interested). If it gets shown at the conference I shall be extremely happy !!

I sent 2 Pics from me. They are not perfect, but not bad i think :slight_smile: