Blender Artist accepts kids?

Hello I am new here
My name is Matheus Alves (Matheus João Alves da Silva)
when I went to register here realized that only accept over 13 … so I lied my age, ask BA accept kids?

(note:I’m brazilian, not speak english right:spin:)

I don’t think you should ever mention your age together with your artwork, especially if you are a child. Your age does not make a piece of art better or worse.

Personally age does not bother me in any way, as long as you don’t expect to be treated differently because of it (sometimes the critique people get can be quite harsh).

Some people use Blender to model people, specifically, women. Some of those modelers are good at it, so this forum has images of what some think are naked women. Some people think children should not be allowed to see these images, so they want to ban kids from membership (or try to, as you have discovered, it’s the honor system…) Responsible posters put the tag [Nudity] or sometimes [NSFW] (Not Safe For Work) in their thread title to warn people the thread has images of naked ladies.

Algumas pessoas usam o Blender para modelar as pessoas, especialmente, mulheres. Alguns desses modeladores são bons nisso, de modo que este fórum tem imagens do que alguns pensam que são mulheres nuas. Algumas pessoas pensam que as crianças não devem ser autorizados a ver estas imagens, então eles querem proibir crianças de adesão (ou tentar, como você descobriu, é o sistema de honra …). Responsável cartazes colocar a tag [Nudity] (nudez) ou às vezes [NSFW] (não seguro para o trabalho ou “Not Safe For Work” em inglês), em seu título do thread para avisar as pessoas o thread tem imagens de mulheres nuas.

Thanks, thanks for translation but prefer to english… want very learn english. and only treating of any other artist.