Blender Artist and Concept Artist need Mentors.

Hi. My name is Prince aka Knuckelhead. I run community contest over at CG Cookie, and thought I would help some friends out with their search for Mentors. There are a lot of sites out there using the word mentor that will charge you for their time. This is definitely more like a tutor. To me a Mentor is a person with whom you build friendships and lasting relationships. Something you can not put a price tag on. Please read below and thank you for the time you spend reading my blog.

A mentor is a person or friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. An effective mentor understands that his or her role is to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of the mentee.

This is something i have found that has saved my military career more than once. I just want to make sure I get this post right because I have a few mentors in the CG Cookie community right now, and I have friends who need some. Nonetheless this is something I think the blender community needs. A forum where experienced modelers, sculptors, riggers, animators, shaders, compositors, Digital Artist/Painter, etc can come and find Mentors and Mentees.

One Friend spoke to me saying he would like someone he could " speak often with, who could guide me and teach me through feedback along the way while giving me tasks, tests and assignments."

These are relationships that you build with another person where both individuals involved learn something. The mentor will learn new ways to do things from the mentees eyes while the mentee gains the experienced the mentor has gained.

If you feel you have mastered a certain part of your CG skills and would like to share your experience with a mentee please leave a message here. You as a mentor could be looking for a Mentee to teach your skills to and you might find a great friend in the end.

This is a great concept and is the way i like to teach. I am not a guru by any means but i do have an above average knowledge of blender in some areas. Those being sculpting, modeling, rigging, texturing and some animation. I would love to be a part of this.

@Glassdog Thank you for stopping by. I am really glad you are willing to join this project. I have alot of friends who have been asking about mentors and where to find them. I will be making sure to direct them all to this post so they can contact you. I myself am a traditional polygon modeler still new but progressing. Once again thank you for stopping by and i will be sure to continue this thread in hopes of more Mentors coming along for the community.

Glassdog is #1 any other mentors out there??

Hi guys, I’m looking for someone in the Las Vegas area to help with a project and tutoring as well. Any suggestions? Thanks, Collin

Welcome to the Thread. I hope you get some feedback. What kind of project are you working on? Maybe shoot Glassdog a message on here and he may be able to help you with some mentorship.

Hi! This is a really awesome idea and I definitely would like to take part! I have 6 years of experience in hard-surface modeling within blender, and do it as a living, and it’s still my favorite thing to do. While I’m no super amazing expert guru, I have plenty of experience and knowledge to share, and I’ll gladly take part in this thread! :slight_smile:

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Awesome Thank you very much for joining us I will forward your contact information over on the community web site also.

hello, well i’m looking for a mentor but can’t afford one or can’t pay them from my country, that’s why if i can get a mentor who can help me improve, i can give back by mentoring someone too in the future, because i too think mentoring lacks in blender community

That is the point of this blog. Is for those who want mentors and those who want to be a mentor to post here. Mentors are not paid for their leadership and mentor-ship. This blog is for free help and mentor ship. two mentors have already stepped up maybe reach out to them and see who you would like to follow.

Yeah, I’d love to help, have taught before, I specialize in asset modelling and texturing for games, my skype is thejuizoi

Thank you for joining as a mentor. I will be passing this over to the Cg Cookie community also. I know Sisyphe2 was looking for some help the other day maybe send them a personal message?

i have been working with sysphe2 and accomplishing stuff

That is Awesome! I am glad this is starting to work out for members.

I’m a beginner to blender and I’m looking for a mentor

Hi Knuckelhead,
The description/definition of a Mentor you gave in this post is exactly what I am desperately looking for. I’m not a beginner but I’m definitely not a pro. I went, and I’m still going, through a lot of courses, read as much as I can and practice as much as I can. I keep on challenging myself with projects and I must say that I learn quite a bit but definitely not enough and not in an efficient way. Someone to whom I can speak regularly, that gives me assignments and follows up the progress is definitely what I need.
This post is quite old but if you can introduce me to someone (or if you yourself would like to take up this role) I will be forever in debt with you.