Blender Artist (flip fluids) needed for Short Live Action - Film

(sdeming) #1

Here is a taste (first shot) of the type of project we’re producing.
password: sea

Project Scope:

  • 3min of Water simulations that interact with a giant sea critter. Storyboards/video reference here - (password: sea)
  • Artist will create scenes in blender using the flip fluids add-on
  • Final renders sent to a separate compositing artist (already hired)
  • Shots 1-8 are already animated, as well as a sealed up mesh on a separate layer (for the water simulation interaction). The rest will need to be animated.

Working project files include:
fully rigged, and textured creature, and about 1/2 of the scenes are animated with the rig.

Project Budget ~$2k USD

(Nicole) #2


I am an experienced blender artist.

Please check PM and get in touch.