Blender Artist (flip fluids) needed for Short Live Action - Film

Here is a taste (first shot) of the type of project we’re producing.

password: sea

Project Scope:

  • 3min of Water simulations that interact with a giant sea critter. Storyboards/video reference here - (password: sea)
  • Artist will create scenes in blender using the flip fluids add-on
  • Final renders sent to a separate compositing artist (already hired)
  • Shots 1-8 are already animated, as well as a sealed up mesh on a separate layer (for the water simulation interaction). The rest will need to be animated.

Working project files include:
fully rigged, and textured creature, and about 1/2 of the scenes are animated with the rig.

Project Budget ~$2k USD

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I am an experienced blender artist.

Please check PM and get in touch.

Reposting as this job is still open. Looking for anything from a Flip Fluids Consultant to an artist that can handle the simulations/render in our scenes with sewn - up characters.

Still searching?

If yes, could you specify what render resolution you require?

I suspect the limiting factor concerning responses here is the massive amount of compute times both sim and rendering that type of effect will require, in addition to the fact that you can’t do shots like those sketched by your storyboard/animatic well using Blender in its current state, it is for example not possible to “extend” fluid sims by non-simulated geometry like ocean waves stretching to the horizon.

I’m working on a similar scene right now using a Blender-Houdini pipeline - in fact that’s the reason your posting captured my interest - but I’m having a hard time to see how your project could be squeezed in a timeframe tight enough to be covered by your budget.
Typical render times I observe for a single frame in 720p resolution are 10-30min on machines with 16-20 cores, 3min of 24fps animation rendered at 10min/frame expand to more than 4000 frames or roughly a month of 24/7 render time on such a machine given no re-renders are required (which, at least seen from my limited experience, is not a very realistic assumption). Admittedly, these are final frames including postpro and all, but nevertheless, we are talking about a lot of time here … and render resolution is absolutely crucial here of course.

That said, if you want to discuss options whether/how this could be done just drop me a note.

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