Blender Artist for PewDiePie Game Jam

Ahoy there! It’s me Selzier from NurFACE GAMES:

I am livestreaming during the full 72 hour game jam, and will be using Unity as the engine to build an Indie VS PewDewPie game! Livestream will be at Twitch here:

The Jam starts tonight at midnight EST, and lasts for 72 hours (next 3 days).

Our typical workflow includes modeling, uv mapping, animating with blender, texturing in photoshop, game development in Unity, sound / music various tools.

We are still looking to collab with a Blender artist for some basic vehicle, character, and architecture modeling, low poly. We can get the basics done if needed, but are hoping for someone dedicated who can do uv map and texture, for a more complete looking project.

Send me a message here on the forums or on facebook, twitch, or skype at “Selzier”!


Hy there, do you still open to recruit a Blender 3D artist for assets in your project ?

Absolutely, I’m participating in Ludum Dare 31 right now, and struggling with blender. The #1 thing holding me back from completing games during these jams, is that I’m stuck stumbling through blender trying to get the art I need in game. Thanks for the response! I also develop games outside of jams, full time.

Hi same question as before! Are you still in need of a 3d modeler? Id really like to help if I can… PM me or shoot me an email at [email protected] . Good luck!