Blender artist needed for Freelance job (prehistoric game characters)

we are looking for someone who could create 3 game characters. More info is posted here:

I know there are a lot of good artists here that’s why I posted this here too :slight_smile:

If you are interested send me a PM or just bid on Freelancer.

Budget: $40 - $81

…for three rigged and textured characters?

Wow…I honestly feel insulted right now.

I hope he means that as hourly rate. No wonder indie games often enough have crappy graphics, you get what you pay for :smiley:

im glad that im not the only one that thinks the pay is ridiculous.

im unemployed and still wont do it for only that much… LOL…
(i prefer to do my own thing and get paid nothing … shakes head)

I’d hope at the very least that’s per model.

As to how ‘fair’ the pay is will certainly depend on expected quality of said work.

Guess it’s a fair price in India, 3 bids so far…