Blender Artist needed for Product Design (PC Peripherals, Keyboards, etc)

Hey everyone! My name is Greg C and I am in search of a talented individual who has experience (amateur or professional) in product design, specifically PC peripherals that is preferably based in the US. I am willing to pay for file(s) and services, as well as more for a full commercial/ad. I will be choosing an artist based on personality, previous works, and wages. This next part is absolutely not essential to the hiring process: but I am looking for someone who has enough time on their hands that they would potentially want to come aboard or even lead our design team. If I only receive replies for freelance work, that is absolutely fine, however I did want to highlight that I feel our product+company, although very early in it’s conception, is definitely going to be an industry-changing idea and I would love one of you to be on the ground floor. For those who want to come aboard, I cannot promise consistent pay until we are funded, but I can promise a return like no other in addition to compensation for all work done. I cannot wait to talk to each and everyone of you and, regardless of my decision, you all are insanely gifted and need to keep up the fantastic work!! Thanks a million for taking the time to read this post and good luck on wherever your endeavors take you!

edit: Just wanted to clarify if there was any confusion: this job (the ad/commercial showcasing our product) will be 100% paid with whatever the artist deems as fair for their services (we understand each artist is different and will discuss fees/payment with whomever we pick). This payment will be paid through whatever the artist uses and can be paid either as the work is happening or a partial-payment before with the rest paid afterwards. We will also happily sign any contracts ensuring payment.

We have been having issues with gmail recently. If you replied to our post but still have not received an email with a questionnaire yet, please send us a message as soon as possible

9/8/20 : We are almost finished accepting round 1 questionnaires! If you are still interested in the position, please get back to us by 9/18/20 (if you are late and still want to apply, try to dm us as soon as possible as we will be in the middle of reviewing and will try to squeeze you in depending on how far into the selection process we are in).

9/21/20: September the 17th was my birthday, and whole heartedly I believe getting to know each and every one of you over that period of time was the greatest gift I could’ve received. My staff and I had the hardest time even narrowing the pile down to a top 5 because of all the incredible talent we had in front of us. But at the end of the weekend, we knew we could only select one candidate for the time being. I truly wanted you all to come with us! Alas, we have made our decision and are closing application admissions for now. I was prepared to write a long email to all of you essentially thanking you for everything, however I see way to much finality in that. Eventually, we want to hire more artists, beta testers, and start an entire community of tech-loving creative minds just like all of you! So no, this isn’t goodbye if you do not want it to be (please feel free to message or email us saying you still want to be apart of our future mailing list about future job openings or launches). Truly, there wasn’t a single applicant without at least one piece that took my breath away; NEVER lose that profound sense of creativity and NEVER let another person tell you that you are not talented. From myself and all of us at Majestic, good luck in your bright endeavours until we meet again!

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Hey there,

I’m general 3d artist have experience of 5+ years.

I can help you to create your product design. Sleek and beautiful for final render or production.

Please share your email/Skype ID so I can show you me portfolio and discuss further.


PS: my email: [email protected]

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Please check your DM

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Hope You are doing well.

PM sent, please check it.

Best Regards,

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Hello! so sorry for the wait (still getting acclimated to how this site operates), I have marked down your email and promise I will be sure to send you a questionnaire as soon as I have it. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and wish you the best until then

Hello There,’

I have PMed you regarding this. Please check it out.

Rocky Dash

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Sounds interesting, primarily I made hard surface models maybe i can help with you product stuff
Can do modeling, texturing, rendering and little bit animations
Email [email protected]

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Thank you so much for replying to our post! I’ve marked down your email and will be sure to send you a questionnaire to see if we’d be a good fit as soon as possible. Thanks again and hope you have a lovely rest of your week

Interesting, i do modeling texturing and rendering. I can help you on what kind of project
email: [email protected]

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Hey there, i’m interested in your announce! and to see some works.

Here the contacts to contact me: [email protected] and to contact me on skype: marcoviviri

Hope to hear you soon


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Thank you for responding! I’ve marked down your email and we should get back to you with a questionnaire within the day. Hope you’re having a lovely week and wish you the best until we hear back from you.

Hello please checkout my Artstation DM me on [email protected] or on my Artstation if you are interested.

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Hello Majestic_Inc,

Attached is my ArtStation portfolio with some examples of my work, I have prior experience in designing products from scratch or reference and turning them into renders and even finished products. Please see the examples I’ve sent to your PM

Email: [email protected]


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Hey, Greg! This sounds like a very interesting project and I’m interested. I’ve just sent you a private message with information about myself, my work and my contact details. Looking forward to receiving your questionnaire!

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this is my portfolio:
I can work fast and cheap, pls let me know :slight_smile:

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