Blender Artist Required - Dragon wrapped Gun Stock

Good day!
I’m looking for some one to model for me a Japanese Dragon wrapped around a rifle gun stock.

Here are my requirements:
-The dragon needs to be embedded into the gun stock, using the gun stock as a boundary very little can protrude.
-I will be supplying a .STL of the gun stock to be used.
-I would like to see some nice detail.
-This model will be machined so model needs to be to scale, in inches or cm.
-No rendering needed.

Please PM me for more details if your interested and we can take this to the next step.

Thanks for your time.


I would love to do this job. Due to complexity it may take a while to get a concept that you are happy with but it sounds like an interesting and very cool job. I have sent a Pm with my portfolio

Cool project, pm sent.