Blender Artist Required for Character Models and Arena Model

Hi, I’m a new indie game developer and I’m working on an action rpg. The game will use a unique fighting system and I’ll need to develop a working demo to determine whether whether my concept will work as an action rpg or if I’ll need to settle for a fighting game.

This is a paid work-for-hire where I’ll pay for each character completed (with weapons and such) and the arena completed.

I’ll need five characters models (clothed/armored as well), textured (diffuse, specular, and normal) and rigged (body uses rigify and face uses Khuuyji’s auto facial rig if doable in blender 2.7a). The characters should be between 3k to 7k polys each. The game engine I’m using (gameplay3d) only supports forward ik bone animation so all rigs must support baking actions into forward ik (no vertex animation, etc.) Each characters will have two bladed weapons or a bladed weapon and a shield. The weapons and shields need to be modelled and textured as separate objects parented to the character’s hands. I’ll also need an arena modelled, textured (diffuse, specular, normals), and lighted and appropriate for a fighting game.

The art style I’m aiming for is anime with a notable influence from Andrew Loomis’ “Fun with a Pencil”. I don’t have concept art but I have character descriptions and preliminary character backgrounds. I’ll want to approve concept art for a character or the arena before you begin to model it.

For this demo, I plan on animating the characters myself. Later, once I have a working demo, I plan on doing a kickstarter to fund making the rest of the game. If you’re open to it, we can work out the terms of a second paid work-for-hire job where, if the kickstarter succeeds, you would make the rest of the artwork for the game (including all the animations and redoing the ones I did for the demo) and you would receive credit as lead artist as well.

Send links to your portfolio and your prices per character and the arena to lunarlapis [at] gmail [dot] com

Each character will have two to three magical/special moves that may require addition models with full textures (like fireballs or flying sword slashes) but I’ll need to design the attacks based on the concept art of the character. Please include with your prices as how much more each magical/special move model would cost.

Sent you an email.