Blender Artist Required - One Character Model of Anime/Sci-Fi Blend

Hello All,

I would like to commission a model of Yoda wrapped in Bio-Booster Guyver Armor. I don’t believe that I am looking for anything overly complex. This is the first time asking for help from an artist and honestly I do not know exactly what to expect. I do not have an elaborate budget and do not know what adequate compensation is for this task but I will do my best to make this task worth your time.


  • Yoda wrapped in Guyver armor, I would like Yoda’s ears and guyver’s head “Fin” to be prominent.
  • The model should be covered in a Jedi robe.
  • Movable joints should be neck, shoulders, elbows, and knees. (fingers as a whole, not individually would be nice but not required).
  • I don’t want it to be extremely detailed and I would like it to be cartoonish.

Attached are a few images of Guyver in the case that you do know what/who that is.

Please PM me if you are interested.

Thanks in advance.


There are some posts online I read some time ago about an average for a 3D model from a profesional freelancer.

I would estimate around 1000-1500 USD from a professional if it is going to look toony. With that kind of budget you can get something poster worthy from a 3D generalist with around 4-5 years of experience.

If your budget is too low for this you might be able to find a student willing to do it alongside his studies for a less so he has something nice for his portfolio, quality may not be guaranteed though.

Hope this helps.

Alan Planes

-Facial rig or not?
-The head won’t move? Or do you mean neck+head?

Sent you a pm

Err, i think you meant 100-150 USD.

how long does it take you to model texture and rig one character?

You should not even be posting comments in a thread of this nature. But for the record you are way off the mark. If you can do characters at a professional quality, really and you have a portfolio to back it up and are willing to work at those prices, I have jobs for you. Seriously.

But seriously I doubt you can do it and have a portfolio.

But prove me wrong.

And stop posting comments in job threads where they don’t belong.

No, for a complete character. 1000/1500…Which involves sculpt, retopology, texturing,shading that’s a really low budget.