blender artist vs closed source

hey been lurking around a lot but yeah i was wondering if i get butchered if i use other software then blender here
like closed source programs

Depends on who you speak to :wink:
there are some zealots, but as long as you are courteous then if people give you a hard time they’re not worth worrying about.

Many of the most respected members here are professionals and use a variety of software.

posting stuff to the galleries with no or very minimal blender use is probably not a good idea!

well i model every thing in blender most textures all so and a bit of 3d coat and rendering in mantra

I use whatever makes my job easy - sometimes I got masochistic tendencies and try to do stuff in Blender that could have been done in other tools more easy.

I say it doesn´t matter what you use, as long as you got a certain passion or even love for Blender. Thats the common interest we share here.

In a motorcycle forum there are also people driving cars.
In a digitial circuit forum there are also people using mechanical devices.

In this forum some people even dare to use pencils or brushes and paint on a real canvas. :smiley:

I could not care less if someone uses 3dsmax as maintool in his work, as long as he got the passsion for Blender and is an active part of the community.

People are generally pretty forgiving. Just make sure you make it clear how much of the work is Blender and how much isn’t, and if you make any artwork that doesn’t use Blender at all, you’re only allowed to post it in the Traditional forum.

You’ll be fine as long as you’re careful when asking about Blender’s version of tools found in other software. If you ask “X software has this -why doesn’t Blender have it” type questions you are on thin ice here.

Complain (or even show a hint of frustration) about a tool’s functionality or the absence of a tool in Blender compared to other software and you’ll be swarmed with ranting forum-monkeys and fanboys telling you to stop whining and code it yourself.

Lots of children, dabblers, and wannabes here with bad manners and huge egos. Moderators don’t moderate here they just lock threads. It takes much discipline to use this site. Carefully word your posts, don’t complain about Blender or the poor management of this site, ignore the idiots, and you’ll have few probs here.

I use 3ds max all the time at work, After Effects too. But I don’t talk about them here much because this is a Blender forum. There are other forums for getting my questions about the other programs answered.

So, no, you won’t get butchered. It’s just a matter that we’re focused on Blender here.

I don’t think that you will find too many “open vs. closed-source bigots” around here, and I, for one, am very grateful to be able to say that. This distinction really has little to do, though, with what does or doesn’t make a particular tool “right” for a particular job.

Blender may or may not be the only tool that Blender artists use. (Quite probably, it isn’t, not even for 3D work.) Today, Blender is capable of an awesome variety of things (a list that grows, literally, just about every day), and I think that this remains the major reason why the product is used to do those things. It could not be what it is today, nor where it is today, were it not open-source. (It would be the forgotten digital garbage of a failed software company.) But it’s being used, nevertheless, for what it can do. As we have seen three times now, Blender can be used to produce a professional-grade feature.

Obviously, a critical advantage of Blender is its price, which enables professional-grade 3D to be available to anyone and everyone. And for this “price,” you can explore almost any industry technique out there because Blender probably implements it to some degree. There is no better gift that could be given to educators, or to the self-taught. But you do not necessarily have to “step from Blender to something ‘real.’” If you are doing video work, Blender might well be your tool … standing entirely on its own technical merits.

Yet, having said all that, when you have a job to do, tool-selection is a fundamental and important part of that. I don’t think that anyone here would flip that choice “in favor of Blender” except when it is all-things-considered appropriate.

thats is why I think CGTalk is good :wink:


true on the one side - but as with some of my posts and some zelots responding their
many get personally offended when you suggest a missing feature / tool in Blender.

Bashing Blender isn’t really great or constructive - however pointing out where technology
goes to, and what is a standard should be ok. Sadly for some it seems not so.

I think there is nothing wrong with comparing tools or techniques.

Software after all are just a collection of tools.

I use Gimp, MapZone and SpiralGraphics in addition to Blender all the time.

… whereas I use (a rather old version of) Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro. I own them already, know how to use them, and know that they can take me where I want to go. Yet Blender is the one-and-only 3D package that I use, and I have never yet felt that I had a personal need to do otherwise. (If I did, uh huh, you bet I would.) “And so it goes.”

The object is … or rather, should be … “where you want to go,” and “what is the best way for you, now, to get there.” Choose your route, choose your tools, and get there. :RocknRoll:

A+ for that

“where you want to go,” and “what is the best way for you, now, to get there.” Choose your route, choose your tools, and get there."

Yeah, I think I turned into “persona non grata” over there. Small loss … :thirdfinger:


One thing that’s very different about this site is that the people here are actually using the tool, and learning about CG by the process of doing it. (And, I don’t hear too much of the “but Blender doesn’t have this,” anymore, because today Blender probably does.) These are not people who are talking about making movies (for one of the four studios they can actually name): they’re making movies, pictures, games, awesome stuff.