Blender Artist Wanted (Oculus & Unity Spaceship)

Hello Everyone,

This is my first time posting in this forum. Please excuse me if I make a mistake.

I am building a game prototype using Oculus and Unity. The project is space themed and the user is inside of a spaceship cockpit. I would like an artist to design and build the spaceship with me. Please send me an example of your work and let’s discuss the project in more detail.


I’ve done spaceships and cockpits before.

Check out my site:

you can see my work at

I have experience with making games for oculus with unity and Unreal development kit. I used to work with VR ONE and this was our most advanced project

there are few my old 3d works

pm me if you want some advice or help. :slight_smile:

Here is our web portfolio.

I’ve worked with game assets before.

Check these out!