Blender artists for short sci-fi movie


I need a blender artist for a short sci-fi movie that I want to expand to a full feature film in the future.
The first things I need are

  • cockpit for a spaceship (and hallway)
  • cargo area for spaceship.
  • one action scene where the spaceship is hit by a rocket and launches a rocket.
    I have a very small budget so pay is limited but dm me.
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Hi. I have experience in sci-fi modelling. Do you have any specific ideas for what you want?

Hi, My name is Tiago Pereira Loreunço and I am from Brazil. I’ve being using blender since version 2.68a and I always focused in character sculpting/modeling, I’ll apreciate If you consider check some of my personal and professional works.
Some of my skills:

  • Anatomy knowledg for character sculpting;
  • Shaiding and texturing;
  • Great understending of topology and loop flow;

You can check some of my works at my portfolios:
Email for cantact: [email protected]

Thanks in advance.