🔥 Blender Artists is now listed in the official Discourse customers showcase!

The Discourse team just added us to the ‘makers’ section on their official showcase page!


Cool! :smiley::+1:

I don’t understand why someone decided to flag this as spam. We should all be happy BA has reached this level, and it’s okay to be proud of it.


Haha @bartv, stop spamming on your own forum!


So Discourse is some kind of self-proclaimed internet forum police? What a pile of rubbish- Oops sorry, better be careful what you say from now on, or blenderartist gets blacklisted. This is absurd.

I think you didn’t actually read what I posted.

I did and i read their Whats about as well:

Nevermind bart

I don’t know how you went from that to calling them the internet police or them threatening to blacklist us. Anyway, let’s stop this line of conversation, it’s offtopic.

It was a slight exxageration on my part. I just dont see the point of Discourse. Who in the world would give a damn about their recommendations. Just leave it at that and congratulations, you made it on their list.

You can say the same for our #featured row, yet people are excited when we pick them. I’m excited that our of the tens of thousands of Discourse communities, they picked us because they felt we’re a strong example of their product. You didn’t put any time and effort into building and maintaining this site, but I did, so to me this definitely means something.


Ok i get it now. I had no idea what Discourse is. This forum is based on their software. I admit i just read the first few lines and thought this is some internet recommendation site. My fault.