Blender Artists not working in the afternoons!!!

This is a problem that exists for a last few days. Blenderartists is unavailable from time to time (Remote server does not respond, blah, blah blah), but most prominently in the afternoons (+1 GMT). Around midnight it works again until the morning when problems begin again. I thought that it is only momentarily, but this is the fourth day that this happens.

I am in Macedonia (maybe it is some local problem?)

doesn’t seem like a local problem, I’m in the netherlands, and I couldn’t get on the website this afternoon and evening as well.

it’s a pain in the neck or the WEB !

hope they an correct this as soon as possible

it’s becoming very difficult to work in this forum now!

happy 2.5

Tallinn, GMT +2, and yes, same here, I can live with it as of now though,
so no hurry here, let the admin(Goofster) figure this out properly, I say. :slight_smile:

GMT -6, same problem I assume. Can’t connect sometimes.

Frequent problems accessing this site from Texas too.

Ditto… from Texas!

i have problems too, and sometimes it loads slow.

Also from Chile, yesterday was extremely hard to get to load the site.


Thanks for letting me know. I thought I fixed this issue but apparently it’s back…


Well, today everything works perfectly, thanks Goofster!

I am have the problem described in this thread still. At least google keeps a cached version so I can sort of access the forum, but I hope that is not how it has to be :frowning:

For me the server wasn’t available for 2 days.

No Blenderartists yesterday (whole day), but today everything works just fine. Let’s hope it will stay that way!

Yeah I had the same problem, hope it is fixed now.

Just adding another ‘same here’ to the thread. This is the first I’ve been able to access the site for 2 days or so.

Just wondering if is getting ready to shut down. I’ll google something about Blender and usually get lots of hits from BlenderArtists. I’m beginning to ignore them and go elsewhere for help.

server was not available all day long yesterday!

it’s hard to do anything when it’s not available !

happy 2.5