Blender Artists supports our friends in Ukraine

As one of the leaders of the Blender community, I want to give our friends in Ukraine a signal that they are on our mind. Their current tragedy is unimaginable and I can only hope they and their loved ones are safe. If you can still read this - stay strong, and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

As long as this situation lasts, we will carry the Ukrainian flag in our logo to show our support. You can also add a ‘flair’ to your Avatar to show your personal support. To activate this, first join the Ukraine Support group, and then visit your Preferences page, scroll down and select the flair. It will look like this:


Please note that this is a topic for support, not for political debate.


Done. Thank you for doing this Bart.


Thanks for this.


Thank you, much appreciated!


There is also a project in this thread, calling 3D artists to animate a Ukraine flag:


As an artist from Ukraine, I want to thank you so much. All world support us.


So far, it seems like Ukraine’s defenses are holding better than anticipated (with Kyiv remaining fairly free of Russian tanks and heavy vehicles after 4 days). To those who live there, we will support you whether or not you choose to grab a weapon to join the fight (as it appears there is a chance of ending it with the nation’s sovereignty still intact).


Courage and support to Ukrainian people!


Done, I wish I could do more for them , but being a college student ,I don’t have any power to do much, So Thanks Bart for giving us an opportunity to show support to them.
Stay safe My Ukrainian friends! We are with you.


Thank you for supporting us! :kissing_heart:


All support to Ukraine from Czechia! :ukraine:
We all can also try to send some money and material support or use our social networks to help share news from Ukraine. Ordinary people in Russia, need to know and see where is their sons, friends and brothers, and help them understand, what is going on. Maybe they can help Ukraine from the inside! :ukraine: :crossed_fingers: :v:


im truly with ukraine. wars must be stopped but why everyone talks about ukraine ? there are many countries that faced with stupid wars from power countries!
like yeman iraq, afghanistan, palestine getting killed everyday ! why nobody talks about them ? if war is bad so this must be bad for everyone

at the end im not against ukraine hope you not get it wrong!


While you are correct, that is not the topic here. As I wrote in my OP: “Please note that this is a topic for support, not for political debate.”


Hope and courage, people from Ukraine, :+1:


Russian activists are trying to do everything in their power to stop this horror, although even peaceful protesters are seized by the police. Financial and technical assistance to Ukraine has been declared a treason (punishment - up to 20 years in prison)


Strongly Support Ukrainian people and Russian peace protesters. Support millions dying of hunger in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen too. Voice support for humanity going through this ordeal.


Understand perfectly! Sad story for Russia too! Maybe you still can help by spreading the word with friends and somehow help stopping that madness, your tzar released. If they will push that button, we all are togehter in the same trouble.

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I support Ukraine from Russia.

For you to understand. Many in Russia do not want this war, any war. But many people support Putin and completely trust the propaganda. They believe that we are fighting against the Nazis and they must all be destroyed. Now it is even forbidden to call this conflict a war (a military operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine). And the official position of Moscow: only a few Russian soldiers died, there were no casualties among the civilian population.

Actors and presenters who speak out against the war are suspended from roles in theater, film and television. Those who go to rallies are arrested (these are very brave people, because now the punishment can be very severe, as for treason). I would go out myself, but the fine will be one or two of my monthly earnings.

Now there are no mass repressions, Putin does not need a second front in his own country. But they can start. Either after the victory they will begin to clean up those who disagree, or if the war drags on. In fact, Ukrainians are fighting for our freedom too. But I’m a little scared because I didn’t prepare in case I need to emigrate.


Done, wish I could do more :disappointed_relieved: