Blender artists wanted to model cute japanese characters!


update artists interested to apply will be on hold for now, although, feel free to link us to your online portfolio or contact info for future reference. Thank you.

I can’t seem to find where to post wanted ads, so my apologies if this is not in the proper category… anyway,

our group is currently looking for artists who can model Japanese Anime characters in chibi form… example is this:

for online gaming, so this is not a one time deal (and a paying gig btw)… if you’re interested please pm me in MSN my username is chisaikame(at)hotmail(dot)com.

- offtopic - you might want to change the title “Blender artists wanted to model cute japanese characters!”, When I red it I thought you ment “Blenderartist wanted to model, cut japanese characters!” Wich doesent make sense at all! :stuck_out_tongue: Hope you dont get too bothert by my little reply here :slight_smile:

this a paying gig or a free cause? :confused:

paying gig of course! :slight_smile:

Chisaikame, may I suggest that you try to contact the makers of these two great pieces directly.

Those threads just popped to my mind when you asked about anime style characters. I really don’t know, but they might be interested.

ok thanks alot! :smiley:

hope you got my mail.
by the way , I am interested and here is my portfolio -

I dont have a job :frowning: so looking forward for this PERFECT opportunity.

I’ve done some chibi stuff -

I even modelled an anime character for a client. I could take it on in a few weeks. I will email you.