Blender artists website clone?

Today I tried to download an addon from a link I found on google, a link supposedly from here… but my login wouldn’t work no matter what…

I noticed that it wouldn’t work because the beggining of the link was:
instead of

So I wonder, if the letter “s” missing on the link is because that is a malicious clone of BA, created to steal usernames and passwords from BA members…
Right after I noticed the difference, I logged in on the “real” BA and changed my password, just in case…

If you try to load the link without the “s”, you will be redirected to the real BA, but if you try to put /forum/ on the end:
the page, and anything you click after that will load normally, without the “s” on the adress.

So what’s the deal, should I be worried?

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A quick whois lookup shows that CG Cookie owns both and So there’s nothing nefarious going on there. However, should be automatically redirecting to this domain.

The domain name also directs to the same server but doesn’t redirect the domain to I assume does the same. Just a nameserver.

Hey there,

Thanks for bringing this up and correct. Currently is an alias in our Rackpsace account which forwards to the (s) version. I think part of the confusion is that it doesn’t seem to update the browser URL all the time. Perhaps a bug, and I will look into it.

Hope this helps and appreciate the time on the site!

Thanks for the quick response, and sorry for posting on the wrong subforum.

Indeed the “” redirects to “”… but “” doesn’t… it maintains the page hierarchy but refuses to accept a user login. It will only log in if you put the “s” on “artist”.

Anyway, I’m relieved now, thanks! And from now on I’ll keep an eye if I’m on the correct /forum adress.