Blender Artwork: 'Prosper'

My latest piece of artwork in Blender just started of as sculpting a cactus but then grew into a final image. Please let me know what you think and give honest criticism and advice. If you want to learn more about this piece or see more of my work check out my website

Nice image! :smiley: I think you’ve got good detail - I especially like the insects…
As for improvements, I’d love to see more of the train - perhaps a little less depth of field. You might also want to widen the scene to make the composition feel a little less cluttered. Perhaps you could make the aspect ratio that of a widescreen film to give a western feel to it :slight_smile:
I’d also take a look at the rocks in the foreground as they seem out of place…as does the water reflecting a blue sky.

Otherwise everything seems great and with a couple of changes I think you could have yourself a really nice piece there! :smiley:

  • Duncan

Nice work. Even though its cartoonish, I love the camera setup and the mood of the desert scene. Good job.