Blender as a alternative of autodesk Revit?

can be ? i know blender is not good in cad design but can it replace the autodesk revit?

Blender is a mesh modeler, not a replacement for anything CAD. is like comparing apples to potatoes.

Revit is a BIM software, basically a parametric modeller that can connect with databases and produce technical drawings, material lists, pricing forms and budget invoices (and in some cases, 4D presentations)

To use Blender as a BIM you would need lots (and i really means it: LOTS) of custom code, python script, mod to the base software, etc. Basically is not worth the time/effort.

If you talk about some features that can be used like autocad (as an example) it’s possible. Quite HARD, but NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

Get real. There’s no free software that can even compare in the smallest degree to revit. (maybe freecad, but still requires lots of work, but far more feasible).

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I would agree that Blender is probably not a good replacement for Revit and when I introduced my brother , he is an architect , to Blender I had not intention to make him abandon Revit but he did. Although to be fair he still works with people relying on Revit and he does mostly illustrations for them. Still is kinda funny how he turned more religious than me about Blender :smiley:

So I guess it depends on the way you like to work.

If you are coder actually its not hard to make Blender even better than Revit only using Python. Blender nowadays is crazy customizable. But then very few people are coders out there or having the intention and time to do that. Of course if you go deeper and hack the source then there is no way any application can compete because anything you like you can make.

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