Blender as a back-end

I hope I’m not breaking the rules here but I’m trying to find someone to write a custom front-end (for $). I run a start-up robotics company and I want to provide freeware for end-user design. Any bytes or suggestions?

so, you don’t have any more formal specification of your project? I can’t quite tell what you are asking to be made

[I’m not in a position to take such a job, but I’d figure that anybody that was would have a lot of questions your two sentences didn’t answer]

Well, I’m a roboticist and animatronics creator that uses Blender. I’d be interested to know what you are trying to do. Thanks.


I’ve come up with a nifty system for building structures with 3 * 3/8 * 1/32 inch aluminium plates that have tiny indentations in 3 rows at 1mm pitch. With a table of drill (D), cut ©, and bend (B) codes and a scribe pen, the user can exaggerate indentations for drill pilots in the center row and mark coordinates for cuts and bends in the outer rows. The parts produce are accurate, repeatable, very cheep, and require only simple hand tools. I want to offer a graphical design tool that will allow users to enter D,C,B, codes and see what the part will look like in 3D before they build. I’d also like to set connection points so an entire design can be viewed. I will pay for this but the code must be open source. Are you interested? Do you know someone who might be?

Carl Erickson
[email protected]
416 669 2687 (Canada)
13717910950 (China)

someone doing this already?

I would be interested, but I still need to see something. I get the gist of what you are saying and visited your site, but I’m still not sure what you want to present. An active configurator with selectable BASIC parts that can be formed into more COMPLEX parts by drilling on a drill press?