Blender as a design tool for architecture.

I have been using blender for over a year as an architect eng., and I am really interested in its use as a design tool in architecture.

Mostly I have been trying to use its animation features as a design tool:
for example I am trying to make some simple designs of a house and animate them using armatures and dupliframes. The goal is to produce
with relative ease some alternatives of a building during the animation cycle - 1 frame being one alternative of the original design. So every let’s say 10 -20 frames one can have a different building or part of a building.

The problem is that by selecting dupliframes for the mesh and the armature
and appling the deformation on the mesh, I only get duplis of the orginal design. Does anyone have any idea about how I can produce duplis during an animation cycle using armatures and have different meshes at the end ?

PS: it is like animating a character and having as a goal to produse individual meshes for every frame of the cycle. Can I do it with python for example or Am I missing something ?

Thanks in advance

I dont know how to do exactly what youre thinking, but the Build effect may be worth looking into. Either that or just have parts as sepparate objects and move them in/out for various frames. (can’t animate layers in/out yet)
I’ve also looked at using the softbody effect to test the breaking point of truss designs. The only thing needed to do that is a reference to a design that does work. It’s actually simple and cool :slight_smile:

well , I was thinking of something else and not of the built effect , which will
just , well, build my mesh.

What I would like would be different instances of a character for example,
where every frame is one different pose for example. and have all these poses as different meshes , by using dupliframes. Do you think that is possible?

oh, i should post some screenshot maybe to explain things right…