Blender as a height comparison tool [MH] (Warning-Nudity)

Out of… well… I guess pretty much curiosity, I was wondering if the MakeHuman measurement system was a base unit one, and so turned on the guides (or whatever) and made myself in centimeters (195.5 cm). I guessed it looked about right, so I assumed it was centimeters.

Then I figured I’d see how accurate it is, and see if I made my girlfriend it would stack up about right (Made us purely in build, not face at all)

So I did (She would come out to 157.5 cm)

I imported both to blender, and scaled up by a factor of 4.

Set side by side, with the balls of our feet square on a plane, I put a camera directly in front, and checked to see if it did a pretty good job… and it seems about perfect!

I like the idea of using these two together as a size comparison tool between humans… I never realize the difference between myself and other people, because of my height.

Here’s the result of my simple test, to show you the size difference.

In total this little mini-project took about 5 minutes, and part of that was me fussing about messing with some parameters.

The results of which are that our bodies are pretty accurately proportioned to real life, though height was my main concern.


a lil detail there, eh?

anyways, the woman looks to short… maybe scale her up a lil more…

Actually, compared to real life that’s about right (I tested today… she really only comes up to my shoulder) Within MH, she’s actually a little shorter than what she should be, so that could be the main difference. (Btw, for non metric, the height comparison is 6’5 vs 5’2)

And the detail started out as an attempt at an accurate human model, though only the height and weight is really based off of us. The rest was me just tweaking things to see how they affected stuff.