Blender as a interactive tool , to make things like vvvv,processing etc..

I love computer graphics , i like a lot all the aesthetics of the things people do with VVVV , processign and that kind of software , is not animation and characters , its more like living patches , patches that do things over time , generative art, music reactable , interactive art.

Can blender do this kind of thing ?

what limitations do i have comparing with vvvv or processing ?

here are some examples , go pages forward to see very cool stuff

Hi there,

One limitation compared with processing etc ( or a major advantage, if your project suits 3D ) is that everything you do will be displayed with real-time 3D graphics, rather than being processed within a 2D image.

As Blender can use external python libraries, you can do some pretty cool stuff with Blender.

See here… ( watch the video ) ( the actual download, so that you can try it out yourself )

If you want to do something, and there is a library for it for Python, you should be able to use it with Blender.

Your best bet is to think of a few ideas related to 3D, and try to implement them - you’ll get plenty of help from these forums.

Best regards…

thats hot , i’ll try to understand it .