blender as a level editor

Hi all,

I have a Qt application (has an OpenGL pane in it) running on linux which receives coordinates of an object (data comes from a shared lib I link with) which I will be tracking as it moves throughout a building.

I was told to look into blender to use as a level editor and create the building or rooms and mark my coordinates as my app receives them (and maybe later taking pictures of the building and putting them on the model). So I think the process goes like, create the model, export the model, import the model into my opengl app.

Is this the way you guys would go about doing it?

What I want to do is visually show where the moving object is within the building and I’m not sure what type of view would be a simple yet nice way to visually show this.

I’ve never done this before and would really appreciate it if someone would point out what I need to learn to make this happen.

Is this the way you guys would go about doing it?

Yea, everything sounds right. Just one question, what formats are you going to export your models? (obj, x, ogre, 3dmax, etc.) Blender can export different formats better that others formats.

I really don’t know, I’ve never worked with any of these formats.

My current OpenGL program running on linux is written with Qt, using c++, so I guess I’d like a format that would allow me to easily find a lib to use to import the same format and draw it in my opengl view.

Any suggestions?

you are posting this in the wrong forum section.

this here is for talking about blenders own integrated game engine.