Blender as Module in IDE

I’m so tired of editing my scripts in blender’s text editor. I spend as much time editing typos as I do working on things. It’s time to grow up and play with the big boys and girls and edit in an IDE. I’m in no hurry so I’m looking for suggestions and tips/tricks as to the easiest way to go about this.

  1. Is there any way I could just download one thing, start running it and go on Win7 64bit. (had to ask ha ha)

  2. Beyond that, I’m on a new system, with nothing installed yet so I’m not invested in any way shape or form in any particular platform IDE wise. Right now I’m reading over these items…I have used Scite before for AutoIT scripts, so that is appealing in that it is familiar.

search for a thread with eclipse and you will be able to debug

exactly!! with eclipse and pydev you also will be able to debug.

This was the first thing I started going from the Tips and Tricks page on the blender wiki. Very nice

I’ve been doing this for a couple of months now, big change in workflow. I would just have the script I’m editing open in (embarassingly) a separate instance of Blender. Then I could save it and just update it in the other Blender process…and if blender crashed, my text editor Blender would still be there. If things worked, tab over to Mercurial and commit my change (the other thing I’ve finally started doing, version control on my scripts so I have some little notes to myself all along for what changed)

Ok, so the debugging looks nice, but what I don’t see happening there is autocomplete. That user switched to the blender window and went into the blender console to use the autocomplete to work through the heirarchy. I think in line autocompletion is a little higher on my priority list. But, if I can have cake and eat…

I ended up going with Eclipse with Pydev. Mainly because

  1. I couldn’t get Blender to build on my computer and I don’t have time to deal with that right now. It’s strange because I was just trying a bone stock build but I digress…

  2. This document gave me a step by step, which I needed. I actually worked through this ebook, and I learned a lot. It may not be the best IDE workflow, but, it was accessible to me, so it’s best for me!

Definitey an eclise/pydev advocate here.

Interesting links. Thought I would say thanks!