blender at BGSU next semester


just wanted to let you guys know that we will include blender into our Intro into digital arts class at Bowling Green State University.

We have a string emphasis on open source applications for digital arts.

i do not know how far that will go, but when blender keeps on developing this way than it might become an established modeling program for our game design and animation classes.

just thought everybody likes good news :wink:


Awesome! great news :smiley:

Not bad. Not bad indeed. :slight_smile: I assume you had something to do with it?


BTW, I am assuming you mean BGSU in Northern Ohio? If so, maybe next time I head down through there to Columbus for work, I could drop by.


hey, good work.

i am down here in columbus, at OSU next year.

I would assume OSU has a pretty big (relatively) blender user base, once I find it.

sounds good.

I have been to BGSU for a little bit, are you studying there?

Great news! BGSU was my alma mata (class of '78 )! Back when I was a student there we were still using computers with punch cards… Nice to know things have been updated since then :smiley:

Question: Do women still outnumber men 2 to 1 there? Sure helped to make college a memorable experience :wink: