Blender at ebay with community images? (part LXXII)

Copyrighted images from anyone in here?


yikes! i recognise the foetus one from here, not sure who it was tho.

The foetus can be seen on

It is Robert’s work.

I find this kind of behaviour disgusting (Ebay + Blender = profit).



… he should’ve used one of mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

good lord…how many times is this guy planning to use my screenies?

There’s nothing wrong with making money off of Blender (by using it or selling it to people who don’t have the bandwidth to download it). Just be up front about it, and don’t use other people’s work without permission.

But they aren’t… They also have some of harkymans stuff up.

Indeed. I was just commenting on that part of Koba’s post.

You can sell Blender if you want and modify it to.

You just have to give the source code with the program and few other things as well.

Search on google for the GPL license for more information.

Although using other peoples images you must ask permission first.

Do what i would do, send him an invoice if he has sold any, also, a cease and desist letter.

Well it’s been awhile since this has happened. I suppose we were due for another scam. Remember that guy that sold Blender and OpenOffice under completely different names? I found that more humorous than anything else. The website was pretty sorry as well…

The idiot even posted a copy of the GNU GPL…

they are selling screenshots???

I think they’re selling Blender CDs

As for him posting the GPL, it’s actually quite clever. When the buyer finds out you can download Blender for free and throws an eppy, the seller can claim that he posted the software license agreement in full and it’s not his fault if the buyer didn’t read it, both of which are perfectly true.

Still, it’s like the guy who sold a psp box and people bid like $300 on it, even though the description said it was just the box. He expected that people would not notice that no psp came with it, which is kind of a scam. The same thing is happening here.

He should at least ask for permission to use the images, and include a link to

Its not really a scam as you are entitled to past it on freely or charge people.

As long as you give them the source code.

Anyway Blender is worth the money :smiley:

I’m waiting for someone to try selling Luxuriousity 3D Studio Professional on eBay… Would be especially interesting if Luxuriousity got involved…

They did once… Remember the firestorm over that?

Hey, I just said it was clever, not that it wasn’t a scam :slight_smile: