Blender at night is dangerous

Late Night Render
(Right-click, save as. 750 KB Divx 5.1 File)

Sometimes these things happen when one can’t sleep…

hey thats pretty nice

the only crit i have is this.

i would like the large ring to be central in its location when rotating, becasue cunrretly the camera is wobbling all over the place.

if the large ring is rotating exactly around the z axis (the vertical one) then the rest will look as though they are rotating correctly but currently they seem a bit strange.


Super stuff!
Keep it up :wink:

Pretty cool! yup!

Hey that’s really nice FraceR, any chance of getting the blend? I’d love to see how you set the animation up on that…

Ye good, except it looks a bit wierd cos its not in the center of the render.

Will, since you ask so nice.

It’s actually almost identical to one of those desk ornaments. You just have a ring rotating around one axis, which in turn is connected to another turning around a different axis. Then mix it all off with a small offset to keep things interesting.

Zipped blendfile (aprox 95KB)


Cheers FraceR, you’re a gent, or perhaps a lady… You know what I mean :wink:

Thanks again, I look forward to checking this out when I get home from work!