Blender at the Melbourne Comedy Festival

The Melbourne Comedy Festival starts in a couple of weeks (4th - 29th April) and I am performing a show that uses Blender in an interesting way.

I have written a one man show where all the back drops, cut scenes and even a few of the actors have been created with Blender. I will be performing in front of a screen in a small cinema.

What’s the show about:
It’s called “Bum Chin the musical” - I know…it sounds weird. But it’s funny. I have what polity can be called a “strong jaw” and a “cleft chin”. In layman’s terms that’s a Bum Chin. It’s set in a futuristic world where humans can control their genetic construction, It’s a one man musical about a Bum Chin who discovers his purpose.

There are a few ideas behind the concept of the show, the first is the obvious - it’s a humorous look at body issues. The second is original and more ambitious. I have attempted to create all the multimedia with open source software - (the main program being Blender). This is not only a test of my ability (and sanity) but a statement of the power open source software. It is partly a caricature of my life experience, social commentary and a statement of the power of open learning. Hopefully, it will create a few more Blenderheads too.

I believe it is possible to create anything you can see in your imagination…even if you do have a bum chin.

Free Tix:
If you are a Blenderhead and you can get to Melbourne, Australia I am giving away free Tix for the 1st week of shows (4th -7th of April) just PM me or contact me through myspace (details below).

It won’t be the most amazing animation you will ever see but I’m trying to bring 3D animation to an audience in an interesting way. To my knowledge, there hasn’t ever been a show in the Comedy festival that has contained 3D animated characters interacting with a comedian on stage.

More info:
Tickets will go on sale from Ticketmaster on the 26th of March (1300 660 013)

I am in the process of building a myspace site for the show, there is one song animation there at the moment
but there will be more there as I finish them

here is my normal page that has one animation (also my 1st) I made for my Girlfriends b’day

Melbourne Comedy festival web site

(I don’t know any blender users in Melbourne as I live in Sydney but I would be interested to hear from anyone if they can help spread the word about the show – maybe you know someone who works for a newspaper or the radio or something)

Anyway guys,



I watched a few of your clips on myspace and found them to be absolutely funny. Wish you all the best with the show.

thanks Wizard,

I just hope I can get the animation finished before the show opens :slight_smile:

it seemed like a good idea at the time


Well, now, “Stand-up Blender” that’s different :slight_smile:

If you take the show on the road and find yourself heading toward Albany, WA, then let me know and I’ll tell you where you can send some free tickets :wink:

Good luck with it.

I just looked at your myspace page - with that chin you could do Dudley Do-Right impersonations without prosthetics!

Ta Andy,

I will let you know if it tours to WA

doubt it thou, you probably have your fair share of Bum Chins already


Yes, I realise this is an old thread but since the comedy festival finished today I wanted to find out how the act went?

hey AndyD,

it was very eventful. I ended up being really happy with the show even though not that many people came to see it - there were a record number of shows this year (286) and audiences were down.

I did manage to get Blender mentioned in the “livewire” section of the age’s green guide last Thursday. Hopefully that will create a few more Blender heads :slight_smile:

Oh bum chins… now the worst is a bum chin on a chick… not nice at all.