blender, ati mobility m1, sony pcgfxa63 laptop

(archaned) #1

I have a problem where a lot of the buttons in blender have a black
rectangle on top of them. Sometimes when I move the mouse and image of the cursor remains at the last position of the mouse, until i go back and make a scratching motion at that last position. Anything i can do to remedy this. I tried blender on a compaq 12xl325 650mhx p3, 184 mb ram, trident cyberblade i1 8mb with no problems.


System Specs
sony pcgfxa63 (laptop)
256mb ram
ati mobility m1 8mb
20gb hdd
amd athlon xp 1600+

(sonix) #2

I don’t want to offend you, but is your version of Blender the correct one for you operating system.

I was using Blender for win 98 on a win 95 operating system, and had the same problem; that you have discovered.,
I put it down to incompatibilty between operating systems. I have never seen the blackinng tho’ on the win98+2000 platforms,.

Sorry couldn’t be of any more help


(z3r0 d) #3

Could you be running at an odd colordepth?

try 16 bit color, or 24, or (my blender prefrence) 32 bit. 256 colors does not really work.

(I was using blender over VNC once though (at 256 colors), slow, very slow. )

(Alltaken) #4

actually i have had similar problems with my laptop.

dell inspiron 2500.

i found out the my father had loaded the latest touch pad driver/video driver for the system.

we went back to an older version of both and it was fine after that.

perhaps you need a newer driver for your computer(can’t say if it would be the video or the input driver)